ANHO POP-UP SHOP IN Shimokitazawa

All the products we handle are authentic products purchased only at directly managed stores in the United States.

All the products we sell are new.

We handle a lot of products that have not been available in Japan, products that have not been released , limited products and new products that are unique to the United States.

We only handle new Coaches purchased directly from American Coaches , not used ones.

Regardless of whether the product you purchased at our company is an outlet or boutique product , you can receive services within the normal range at Coach shop nationwide, if there are differences in materials and design. Please be assured.

You can receive aftercare such as repairs and maintenance at directly managed stores and Coach shop all over Japan. We keep all the regular receipts when purchasing products locally in the United States. We can certify and guarantee that all products purchased at Coach directly are from managed stores in the United States.

All of our products have passed through regular customs, so they are guaranteed internationally.

If you need repairs, we recommend that you get a quote for repairs at your local Coach store.

Please enjoy your shopping with confidence.

ANHO POP-UP SHOP IN Shimokitazawa 開催!

海外買い付けセレクトショップANHO 展示販売会を開催します。 


From February 19th to February 23rd
ANHO POP-UP SHOP IN Shimokitazawa will be held!

We will hold an exhibition and sales event of the overseas purchase select shop ANHO.
ANHO has purchased directly from overseas, and about 60 selected products will be exhibited and sold.
ANHO is a mail-order site, and only members can visit the company.
We are planning to open a real store for a limited time this time.
We will inform you of the detailed location and time again!

The products we handle are
Sri Lanka (skin care), USA (bags, wallets, etc.), Vietnam (miscellaneous goods)
Cambodia (miscellaneous goods), USA Korea (cosmetics, hair care), USA (shoes), etc.